Pebbls Journey Tracking App Updates - 11 Feb 2024

This Week in Pebbls: – Bug Fixes and Upgrades – Feb 11, 2024

Welcome back to another weekly feature update at Pebbls. This week, I’ve tackled some behind-the-scenes improvements and exciting updates to enhance your experience. Here’s the rundown:

Adventure Map Interface Enhancements

I’ve implemented updates to the Adventure Map interface, with a special emphasis on optimizing it for mobile users. The goal here is to make navigating and exploring journeys on your phone a more seamless and enjoyable experience. Plus, I’m transitioning individual journey map pages to this newly refined Adventure Map interface for a unified and immersive viewing experience.

Adventure Map - Journey Tracking App

Technical Tweaks and Bug Fixes

This week was mostly about bug hunting. I’ve identified and fixed a handful of minor bugs across the app, web platform, and backend. These fixes don’t give much for you as a user to look at but are crucial for ensuring that Pebbls continues to run smoothly.

A Warm Welcome to New Members

New Pebbls users will be welcomed with a new email introducing them to the platform and giving some tips for getting started.

Welcome Email - Journey Tracking App

Upgrading to Expo 50

Expo is the framework on which the code for the Pebbls tracking app runs. I’ve been working on upgrading the underlaying code it to the all new Expo 50. This upgrade will bring improved app performance and stability, aiming to make your experience on Pebbls even smoother. I’m looking to have this update ready for you within the next 7 days.

Expo 50 Logo

Feedback Please

Please keep your feeback, suggestions, and feedback coming in. You can get in touch via private message or email: [email protected]

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