Pebbls Updates - 2 March 2024

Pebbls Update: March 2 2024

It’s been another productive week here at Pebbls. Here’s a brief update of what I’ve been up to.

App – Enhanced Image/Video Upload Process

This one has been a long time in the pipeline and has been a complicated bit of work to implement. The aim has been to ensure that the photos and videos that you add to your Pebbls while you are out and about are seamlessly uploaded to the Pebbls server even when the tracking app is closed or when you are moving in and out of internet connectivity. It sounds simple on the surface but there’s a lot of underlying complexities to running these kind of tasks in the background, especially when it comes to deploying this to iOS devices. This one has involved many late nights and early mornings but it is finally here. It’s one of those updates that is a big upgrade for the inner-workings of the app but as a user you are unlikely to actually notice any changes, other than the occasional notification to let you know how your uploads are getting on.

Pebbls upload notifications

Updated Flags

In catching up with global changes, I’ve updated the flag icons for Martinique and Mauritania to reflect their most recent designs. It’s a small update but it’s important in ensuring that Pebbls remains up-to-date and accurate.

App – Expo 50 Integration Complete

After a few weeks of updating code and some extensive testing the upgrade to Expo 50 is now complete! This was a significant step forward for the Pebbls app, ensuring improved performance and stability across the board. As with the uploads update there isn’t much to notice here but you can be assured that the app will now be running even more smoothly and efficiently.

Expo 50 Logo

Looking Forward

Over the next week I will be finalising the work I’ve been doing on bringing a unified map experience across all parts of the Pebbls platform, giving the same immersive interface to individual adventure maps as you get from the main adventure map page.

Reach out anytime at [email protected] or drop me a private message.

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