Pebbls Update - 10 March

Pebbls Update: Maps, Media, and Tweaks

Unified Map Interface

I’ve now rolled out the new unified map experience across the whole of Pebbls (except for the photo gallery but that will be coming very soon). Whether you’re checking out your own journey, sharing it on your website, or browsing through journeys on the mobile app, you’ll now see the same sleek map design. This is a complete overhaul to the way you browse maps on Pebbls making it easier and much faster for you and others to navigate and enjoy your adventures.

Here’s an example of what it looks like to embed a journey on your own website or blog:

Global Upload Servers Rollout

The big task of the week this week was setting up media upload servers around the globe to make your Pebbl uploads even faster no matter where you are. So far I have rolled out servers in the USA, Europe, Asia, India, and Australia. The tracking app will determine which server is best for your current location. By improving your upload speeds this update will also help to reduce your data usage and will be easier on your battery when you are in areas where internet connection is intermittent.

Pebbls Server Map

Tweaks and Bug Fixes

I’ve made some adjustments to the homepage and overall site layout to improve your experience. Also, I tackled a bug that was causing the main map interface to reload too often for some iOS users when tracking is first turned on. Please report any bugs you spot.

Looking Ahead

Next week, I’ll be implementing a user suggested feature: creating journey legs from an imported GPX file. This will mean you can use tracking data from other apps and devices within your Pebbls journey. I’m also starting work on adding more sharing and social features to the new map interface, making it easier for you to share your stories and connect with fellow adventurers.

Your Input Makes Pebbls Better

Your feedback is incredibly valuable to me. It helps steer the direction of Pebbls, making it the best it can be for tracking your adventures and sharing them with the world. If you’ve got suggestions, questions, or just want to share a bit of your latest journey, reach out at [email protected] or send me a private message.

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