What’s new: Journey Elevation Charts & Enhanced Adventure Previews

This week I’ve been continuing to refine the main adventure map web interface and have a couple of updates to share related to this.

Elevation Charts

This feature has been on my to-do list for a long time – I first implemented it in the Pebbls prototype but as Pebbls progressed through various iterations it was sidelined as I focused on other aspects of the interface – I’m pleased to say that elevation charts are now available for all journeys. These charts add a whole new dimension to your adventures.

Journey Tracking Elevation Chart

Journey Previews with Photos

I’ve also updated the journey previews on the main adventure map screen to include photos. This means you can now get a visual snippet of each adventure right from the overview.

Adventure Map Journey Preview Photos

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

Behind the scenes, I’ve been busy fixing a few bugs and making various improvements across the app and website. Thanks to all who have provided feedback and bug reports so far – in particular @SVNanuka and @Andre.

Please feel free to get in touch to request new features or report bugs.

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