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European Adventure

-- by Rob --

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Transport Types Used

  • campervan
  • motorhome
  • RV
  • recreational vehicle
  • camper
  • mobile home
  • travel trailer
  • fifth wheel
  • campsite
  • RV park
  • motor coach
  • van conversion
  • caravaning
  • overlanding
  • walking
  • walk
  • pedestrian
  • on foot
  • stroll
  • walker
  • hike
  • trek
  • saunter
  • amble
  • Legs of this Journey:

    Day 1

    Europe here we come. North Shields ferry to IJmuiden

    Day 2

    IJmuiden to Het Winkel Campsit

    Day 3

    Het Winkel campsite to Urmitz Stellplplatz

    Day 4.1

    Urmitz Stellplplatz to Weil der Stadt

    Day 5

    Weil Der Stadt to Sigmaringen

    Day 6

    Day off at Sigmaringen. Visited castle

    Day 7

    Sigmaringen to Riva Del Garda camper stop

    Day 8

    Riva del Garda to Camping Fusina

    Day 9

    A day visit to Venice. Took ferry from Funisa at 11:00, and returned 18:30

    Day 10

    Camping Fusina to Trieste

    Day 11

    Trieste to Lake Bled

    Day 12

    Lazy day at Lake Bled

    Day 13

    Relaxing day

    Day 14

    Lake Bled Slovenia to camp Zagreb Croatia

    Day 16

    Camp Zagreb to Camping Skver

    Day 18

    Camping Skver to Falkensteiner Premium Camping Zadar

    Day 20

    Falkensteiner Premium Camping Zadar to Camp Stobreฤ

    Day 22

    Camping Stobreฤ to Zadar vis Omis

    Day 23

    Zadar to Aminess Analona camping Pag

    Day 25

    Aminess Avalona Camping Resort to Krk Camperstop

    Day 26

    Felix camping Krk, to Military History Park Park vojaลกke zgodovine / Park of Military History Slovenia

    Day 28

    To Trieste

    Day 29

    Trieste to Verona

    Day 31

    Autocamp Verona to Camping Parco Al Po, Cremona

    Day 32

    Cremona to Area sosta Camperopoli, Bologna

    Day 34

    Camperopoli, Bologna to Camping Village Panoramico Fiesole

    Day 36

    Florence campsite, to Florence centre then lucca

    Day 38

    Lucca sosta, to Pisa, then onwards to Cremona

    Day 40

    Cremona campstop to RCF Arena campstop for ACDC

    Day 41

    ACDC parking to Sosta La Razza

    Day 42

    From La Razza sosta to laundrette and back

    Day 43

    Sosta La Razza to Cremona

    Day 44

    Cremona park to Bergamo sosta via Brescia

    Day 45

    Bergamo to Como

    Day 46

    Day 47

    Day 48

    Day 49

    Day 51

    Day 58

    Camping Serenella to Lucca sosta

    Day 60

    Lucca to Greve in Chianti

    Day 62

    Greve Sosta To Siena Campsite

    Day 65

    Siena camping to Montepulciano

    Day 66

    Montepulciano to Assisi campsite






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